Politeia Proposals  (Proposals Sync:   ago Votes Sync:   ago )

Politeia is Decred's blockchain-anchored proposal system used for Decred's operational initiatives that don't affect consensus.
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Title (Author) Vote Status Status Vote Count Votes Updated
Decred Arabia Communications and Content Creation  (arij) In Discussion
Decentralized Credits: The Digitization of Money and State (Book)  (ammarooni) In Discussion
Decred DEX Development Phase II  (chappjc) In Progress (98% approval) yes)
3d 17h left (46% completed)
12777 (31% turnout)
Decred in Depth (Live)  (elima_iii) In Progress (83% approval) yes)
4d 15h left (33% completed)
5138 (12% turnout)
Decred Hackathons and LATAM Initial Chapter  (pablito) Failed (50% approval) yes) 14615 (36% turnout)
Decred in Spanish Communications and Content Creation Proposal 3  (3lian) Failed (55% approval) yes) 15125 (37% turnout)
WhyDecred.com - Communicating Decred's Value - FINAL UPDATE: going MVP  (paris_smithson) Abandoned
Mobile Wallets 2020-2021  (raedah) Passed (93% approval) yes) 15315 (38% turnout)
Decred Address Scanner  (joegruff) Passed (67% approval) yes) 13701 (34% turnout)
GoDCR: GoLang Native Desktop Wallet  (raedah) Passed (92% approval) yes) 15469 (38% turnout)
Decred Content and Asset Translation Proposal  (kozel) Passed (75% approval) yes) 11554 (28% turnout)
"Money Evolved" tagline with minimal changes to the site  (haon) Failed (25% approval) yes) 10007 (25% turnout)
"Money Evolved" tagline - plus "Fair" box and page added to the site  (richard-red) No quorum 6922 (17% turnout)
Decred - Building Revolutionary Infrastructure  (mrbulb) No quorum 7265 (18% turnout)
Grassroots Marketing - growing the Decred community (withDecred.org)  (pavel_) Passed (62% approval) yes) 14959 (37% turnout)
D.R.E.A.M.  (jz_bz) Failed (48% approval) yes) 11686 (29% turnout)
Invoice PR/HR/Marketing for Decred 2016/2017/2018  (alexsolo) Failed (8% approval) yes) 11222 (28% turnout)
RFP: Change the messaging on decred.org  (richard-red) Passed (85% approval) yes) 11788 (29% turnout)
Decred Poker Series  (darthcrypto) Abandoned
Augmented Reality posters  (mission) Abandoned